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Au Natural is a knitwear collection created for my Master's Thesis. The collection is inspired by the pastoral feeling of the Westward Expansion of America in the early 1800s. Utilizing this inspiration as a metaphor to portray the importance of sustainability within textiles. Westward Expansion is often viewed through the romantic lens of landscape and promotional art of the time period to create an idealized version of what America looked like and felt like before the Industrial Revolution took over. The collection incorporates early 1800s garment inspiration alongside the contrasting topics of a vast natural America and the purpose of this vision. Seeking the urbanization and expansion of the country, this purpose of this Manifest Density doctrine. 

Au Natural’s garment collection is driven by sustainable textile practices. The collection creates a pastoral and romantic feeling within the garments for the modern woman of today. The importance of the clothing is to achieve an au natural feeling; meaning to be in ones natural state. The clothing will incorporate natural inspiration, color and fibers throughout the collection to create fashion forward, versatile basics for any woman’s closet. The production of the garments is created with a sustainable life cycle always in mind. 

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