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Human Nature is a collection inspired by the Fall/Winter 2019 color palette called "Human Nature". This collection's motifs are inspired by the commonality between humans and nature which is change. The motifs are abstracted representations of change within nature with the fabric being for garments. The humans will then wear this change.


This fun and funky jacquard collection is inspired by the book, Alice in Wonderland. These jacquard fabrics are inspired by her adventure with the motifs being inspired by different scenes in the movie and slowly become more vibrant the further into the rabbit hole you go.


Anni Albers and her husband, Josef Albers, are landmarks of art and design through the Bauhaus. Anni being known for her innovative and geometric weaving techniques and Josef being known for his color theory practices. This series of weavings in hand dyed wool that encompasses the color theory along side geometric woven patterns, creating Albers Combined.


Heraclitus once said, "that change is the only constant in life". As a human, change is unwanted as we are creatures of habit. This woven encompasses the jounrey through never seeing eye to eye with big unwanted change in life.


Woven textiles are created very similar to computer images creating pick over end or pixel by pixel, the end result is a grid. The concept for this weaving was utilizing the dobby loom to inspire a computer-like glitch occurring in a weaving through pattern and the use of warp painting. 

_DSC0009 copy.JPG

This woven is based on Orion's Nebula. The processes of natural dye and ikat chose the inspiration for this weaving. These techniques create a galaxy-like effect enhanced by the natural color palette for the naturally occurring inspiration. The structure is a crackle weave to reinforce the galaxy with star patterns.

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