Collaboration with Allison Norwood and Claire Bueter

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Collaboration with Allison Moore



Collaboration for Creative Thinking Strategies Competition with Allison Norwood (@allieadelle on instragm) and Claire Bueter ( The competition challenged repurposing of common mass-produced products with underlying symbolism; a tie, a purse, a book, a VHS tape, and a roller blade. Obvious gender roles for some products such as a tie and purse, and others with clear connects to media and popular culture, such as the VHS tape and book. We chose to use these products to create a statement about control; control by media and control by society's ideas of what is right and wrong. We chose to title the work STATIC to express how this kind of control hinders the growth, knowledge and expression of humanity.


Blood Diamonds


Collaboration with Allison Moore to create fabric for her senior fashion design collection. This collection is described by Allison as, "Violence, brutality, and the Misuse of Power are expressed in this collection. Awareness of the exploitation involved with mining for diamonds is promoted through the colors, design and textures of these garments. Blood diamonds."


A woven jacquard fabric was created with abstracted imagery of bullets. The bullets create an almost crystal like pattern to evoke the diamond mining that creates violence in African countries. The fabric was utilize to create pants designed and crafted by Allison Moore. View Allison's amazing work here.

2020 FD_0775.jpg
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